What is "Waaaaay!"?

Waaaaay! is a navigation app that makes sure that people with no sense of direction will not get lost. To begin with, someone like me who truly has no sense of direction cannot read maps. Seeing a map on the small screen of a smart device makes me even more flustered.

But with Waaaaay!, the map has been removed from the navigation screen. It is simple to use, displaying settings for "people & places" and an "arrow symbol". You just walk in the direction the arrow points until the "remaining distance" becomes 0. With this even someone with no sense of direction can absolutely reach their destination!

What's great about Waaaaay!

It was created by someone with no sense of direction who always got lost while using map applications. It's little wonder, because those who have no sense of directions cannot read maps.

Then one day, the creator who thought of their self as a failure due to their inability to read a map had a revelation. "Could it be that it's not me that's a failure but the maps themselves?" I became aware my problem; if I looked at a map, I found that they are full of too much unnecessary information. I'm not interested in the road names and building names on the way to my destination! That is why I removed everything other than just the "information necessary to reach my destination". The final app after leaving the just the "distance" and "direction", is "Waaaaay!".

Then the creator became able to reach every kind of destination. So far, the app has been mentioned by many television stations, newspapers, and media on the web; and has received great reviews from 400,000 peoplewith no sense of direction from around the world (with an average score of 4.7.)

What's not so great about Waaaaay!

1. The Android version has not been tested thoroughly so there may be some bugs.

I can't... I just can't do Android...The default GPS of the device is bit of a space case. But if an Android user reports that they are "using the device but it's absolutely not working!" I might fix it. However, I only have XperiaAX and nexus5 on hand, so I'm looking for someone who can give me an Android device. I'm fine with an old one, even if it's really old.

2. Positioning information is a bit off, or maybe a quite a bit off

Let me say that this is not Waaaaay!'s fault!! This is just a problem with all GPS apps. Apparently pin pointing a position within 1meter is not possible; and it even can be off by up to 10 meters. Also, positioning can be quite a bit off inside of buildings or underground. This is not something I can do anything about. Its the same for all apps that use GPS.


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